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Bitcoiner, speaker, coach, author and investor from Austria.

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About Lukas Wiesflecker

Lukas Wiesflecker is an Austrian entrepreneur, investor, and speaker in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Austrian Economics, and digital tenets. In his early days, he aroused public interest as a crypto influencer and partytiger. Lukas has invested in or founded several companies in his younger ages. Lukas Wiesflecker is living in Larnaka, one of the hotspots in Cyprus, since mid-2021.

From repeat student
to crypto expert

During his childhood, Lukas was always looking for ways to increase his pocket money. The time he spent on the construction site, in the older adults’ home, and the time he spent sorting data for days on end left a deep impression on him. During his repeat year at the commercial academy in Wörgl, he realized that he didn’t want to trade time for money. In 2015, Lukas started to deal with stocks, ETFs, and especially cryptocurrencies to earn more interest with his earned pocket money.

Start of
entrepreneurial career

Lukas searched Google for “make money online” back then and tried a few things as hard as it sounds. Over time, Lukas gained experience in sales, affiliate marketing, online and social media marketing. During these years, he realized that many phonies want one thing above all, especially in the online world, your money! Therefore, he decided to focus more on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and co again and train as a certified nurse.

In 2015

Lukas Wiesflecker first came into contact with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin through a Google ad. He became part of a network marketing company, and after several months of failure, he managed to sell Bitcoin mining machines all over the world over time. During this time, he was able to gain his experience in sales and on the topic of mindset. Besides the fact that he was already involved with Bitcoin during this time, these are the only positive experiences he would like to remember.

In 2016

Lukas Wiesflecker left the network marketing industry. Don’t trust, verify! He focused on technology again and analyzed various crypto projects, which are still ahead of the game after 6 years. He managed to build a full-time income alongside his schooling with a part-time effort.

In 2017

Lukas graduated from the commercial college in Wörgl, but it was the most educational year for him in the crypto market. The crypto market was at a new high, and he felt like Scrooge McDuck. As it should probably be, he lost a lot of money in so-called Initial Coin Offerings and burned all the money he earned up to that point there because he had been too greedy.

In 2018

He realized the power Bitcoin has in this market and created a strategy to diversify a crypto portfolio.

In 2019

He became a partner of one of the world’s largest blockchain blogging PR agencies. With content creation, initially as a copywriter for their crypto projects, he learned many new things in a short time. Few really know how the crypto market works, which projects make sense, and most importantly, which ones we should stay away from. He managed to position himself as an expert in the blockchain, crypto space, not even in one year.

Since 2020

Lukas has been coaching several companies and high-level business people regarding Bitcoin, Blockchain, and co. His coaching participants come from all corners of the world, starting in India to the European area and Toronto. Everyone is interested in getting Lukas’ insights. His strategies on how to make extra returns in crypto without taking increased risk are in high demand. Over the past few years, he has built up over 2600 active followers on his Medium blog, where close to 30,000 people read the valuable content every day.

Lukas Wiesflecker as an author

Lukas Wiesflecker is the author of several e-books since 2020. During the first lockdown, he got the idea to summarize his knowledge about cryptocurrencies in his first book, Bitcoin — a bubble. The book alone was sold over 300 times in the first 2 weeks. The other e-books on Austrian Economics and Ayurveda generate further passive income for him. His new book “Bitcoin — conclusively encrypted,” on which he has written for over a year, will be released in the fall of 2021.

Lukas Wiesflecker as crypto coach

Lukas Wiesflecker is a speaker in the field of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Austrian Economics. Since the beginning of 2020, he has been coaching countless individuals and high-level business people who want to profit from this market, especially in the long term. At the beginning of 2021, Lukas took over the crypto topic area at one of the leading German- speaking coaching platforms, Y-Mentoring.

Lukas Wiesflecker
as CEO of Chainexplained

Lukas Wiesflecker is the founder and CEO of Chainexplained. With Chainexplained, Lukas imparts crypto knowledge in English and German. He uses his vast network of experts and business partners to implement blockchain technology into businesses.

Lukas Wiesflecker
as Content Writer

In recent years, Lukas has increasingly produced content for large crypto projects. Especially the collaborations with the exchange OKEx and Bityard were very instructive. Due to his high number of medium readers, Lukas gets more and more access to presales and is more and more often a board member or advisor in crypto startups.

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Central banks are currently printing more money than Shitcoins are entering the market!

Many rich people avoid #Bitcoin for two reasons:

1. They are pissed because they didn't buy bitoin a few years ago!

2. They are jealous of those who have already jumped on the rocket to the moon.

Your 9 to 5 job will make you poor if you don't get paid in #bitcoin!
Taproot is undoubtedly an essential milestone in the history of #Bitcoin
The larger a company is, the more unnecessarily time is exchanged for money. Bureaucracy overloaded!


Lukas Wiesflecker